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We stand against fees, devastating cuts to higher education and government attempts to force society to pay for a crisis it didn’t cause. Promises have been broken, the political process has failed and we have been left with no other option.

We stand in solidarity with all those fighting these cuts nationally and internationally. These cuts are a product of ideology and not necessity.

Please sign our petition to show your support for the occupation – you don’t have to be a student to sign!

6 Responses to Sign our petition

  1. Delphine Grass says:

    Congratulations on taking action in such an brilliant way! Your perseverance will continue to pay off. You have many, many people’s full support and you make me very proud to have been a student and teacher at UCL.

  2. Janani Paramsothy says:

    The cuts have never before been less necessary. They will completely devastate an already weak economy and widen income inequality to Thatcher-like levels.

    The arguments to wreak such havoc on education are simply stupid.

    In full support of UCL occupation

  3. Paul Winter says:

    Hi folks. I’m an ex miner. I was on strike in 1984/84 before most of you were born. The media concentrated on the violence back then as a way of avoiding the issue that green coal technology could have been the future just as they’re trying to destroy your chance of a future now. Good luck with it and don’t back down. Paul

  4. therese anne o'hanlon says:

    You are all a credit to the younger generation of school children who may not go to university because of the debts they will be left with, keep up the fight, when the cuts hit the public sector workers ect, you will not be alone. The Libdems have a choice to back up their promise or face never being a legitimate party again, You lot have done this you are the ones who have the power to save or distroy them, don’t give up you have a lot more to do. Thank you All……….

  5. Terry T says:

    Hi, Im not a student, but I did go to Uni and my education was free. I think its a disgrace that you are forced to pay for an education let alone as it would now seem, over charged for it as well – and the people that are forcing you to pay are not only the ones that had theirs for free, but also promised you they would stand with you. They should be ashamed of themselves, every last one of them.

    The bottom line is that the government is stealing money off everyone it can to pay for what their banker friends did. While the bankers drive around in their fast cars, carry on getting their massive salaries and disgusting bonuses you are forced to take drastic action – just to get an education.

    The government, the bankers and all the other criminals that have destroyed our country are laughing at us all and I salute you all for having the courage to stand up and be counted. Its just a shame that the “sheeple” which make up the vast majority of our population havnt got the courage to do it as well.

    Good luck and dont give in to demands for you to leave. If UCL wants to drag its own students out of its own university for daring to ask for a decent, accessible education then let them humiliate themselves. Perhaps instead, they should support their own university and join you!!

    All the best


  6. As an American whose had to pay an exorbitant amount of money for higher education, I’ve envied those nations who provide it to their citizens free of charge. There is no greater equalizer than education. It is shameful that otherwise great nations put a price tag on learning. I believe it is the very thing that will undo them.

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