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At the Occupation, London Review of Books, 06.12.10

Ucl occupation on Radio 4

MPs, take note: A new political youth is brewing, Guardian

Student occupiers call on NUS president to stand down New Statesman 04.12.10

Topshop protests over Sir Philip Green’s taxes Channel 4 News 04.12.10

Why aren’t we supporting the students? Maybe we’ve been psychically kettled Guardian 04.12.10

UK Uncut protestors spied on by undercover police Guardian 04.12.10

UCL occupation on BBC1 6 o’clock News 03.12.10

Join us at Topshop and make Philip Green pay Guardian 03.12.10

UCL students ‘the vanguard of a popular movement’ West End Extra 03.12.10

Court postpones decision on sit-in students Press Association 03.12.10

UCL occupation: decision on eviction of students postponed Guardian 03.12.10

Student organization might just change the country for good Though Cowards Flinch 03.12.10

The day teenagers turned on Topshop The New Statesman 03.12.10

High Court reprieve for UCL student occupation The Morning Star 03.12.10

The Lib Dems take a pasting Economist 02.12.10

Manifs étudiantes à Londres : un moment de bonheur collectif Rue 98 02.12.10

Students at UCL asked to leave occupationBBC 02.12.10

University goes to court to evict student sit-in protestors Guardian 02.12.10

Students plan biggest protest yet on day MPs vote over fees Evening Standard 02.12.10

A Reply to David Cameron The New Statesman 02.12.10

It’s like a festival Camden New Journal 02.12.10

Pupils again take to the streets and protesters occupying a college join striking Tube staff as a generation ‘let down by democracy’ finds its voice Camden New Journal 02.12.10

Protesting UCL Students threatened with legal action over sit in London Evening Standard 01.12.10

The student plan to play Miliband against Miliband The New Statesman 01.12.10

Bartlett Students protest increase in tuition fees 01.12.10

Grand coup de frais sur les facs anglaises Liberation 01.12.10

The student movement evolves The New Statesman 01.12.10

Marching to a different beat The Independent 01.12.10

What’s it like inside an occupation? BBC 30.11.10

Twitter ‘did not surpress student protestors’ accounts Guardian 30.11.10

NUS president backs students Socialist Worker 30.11.10

Britain’s students: the revolution will be along later The Economist 30.11.10

Anti-cuts networks are more flexible and effective than big organizations Left Foot Forward 30.11.10

No one is going to do this for us so we’d better get it right The New Statesman 29.11.10

UCL Occupation condemns police tactics Though Cowards Flinch 29.11.10

TFC News: Call for a vote of no confidence in Aaron Porter TFC 29.11.10

New age of student protests, Guardian 29.11.10

Open letter from the occupations, Guardian 29.11.10

Support the UCL occupation Liberal Conspiracy 29.11.10

Student protests: NUS president apologises for ‘spineless dithering’ Guardian 28.11.10

Thatcher’s children can lead the class of 68 back into action, Guardian 26.11.10

Dispatches from the front line: members of the UCL protest Times Higher Education 25.11.10

Student protesters announce more marches and walkouts over tuition fees, Guardian 25.11.10

Students in occupation: We won’t be moved BBC 25.11.10

Jon Moses at UCL occupation interviewed by The Guardian (sound), Guardian 25.11.10

Classroom Revolution

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