UCL management have applied for an injunction in order to evict us. We need money to cover our legal costs to fight this attack on our right to free speech ahead of the crucial Commons vote on the future of education next Thursday.

Please donate whatever you can to our fighting fund via PayPal to the account

2 Responses to Donate

  1. Rosalind Duhs says:

    Dear students,
    Well done for your staying power. Higher education should be free. Our generation benefited from grants as well as no fees. So should the next generation and the next to keep Britain going. What do we have but our ability to be creative and original? We need to reach the original widening participation goal of 50% of each cohort going to university.
    All the best in the run-up to the 9 December vote.
    Rosalind Duhs (UCL Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, CALT)

  2. Jonathan Silvertown says:

    Dear UCL Occupiers,
    I am a Professor at the Open University. A week ago last Thursday (Nov 25th) I sat down to dinner in the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane with 1,200 other university staff to celebrate the achievements of higher education during the last year. My university and yours both went home with awards, but I am ashamed of what happened that night. David Willets, Minister for Higher Education gave an address in which he made the wholesale destruction of higher education sound like a minor inconvenience that, with his help, we would all get over. Earlier the same day he had announced the cancellation of Aim Higher, a scheme that widens access to universities. Did Willets’ speech have Vice Chancellors, Professors and senior administrators choking on their canapes, jumping on the tables and howling him down? On the contrary, he was met with polite applause and left the podium smiling. Most of us in that room paid no university fees at all to obtain our degrees and many enjoyed maintenance grants (not loans) too. Everyone was enjoying a dinner that cost £200 a head. No one said a word out loud about the theft of affordable higher education from your generation and those to come. Not even me. So, I have made a donation to your cause equivalent to the price of a seat at that disgraceful orgy of self-congratulation and cowardice. Anyone else who was there and supports you (and I am sure that there were many others) should do the same.

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