Support Us

What you can do to support us:

1. Email messages of support to – remember to let us know if we can use them on our blog, anonymously or with your name

2. Follow us on Twitter and tweet your support – hashtag #solidarity!

3. Visit us! The occupation is currently open for all to come and go freely. Come and show your support, have a chat and join in. We are in the Jeremy Bentham room on the main campus on Gower Street. Map here.

4. Take a photo of yourself with a message of support and email it to us – STAFF – how about using ‘Staff Support Student Struggle’?

5. Sign our petition –¬†and pass it on!

6. Take a motion of support to your union branch or student union – see the great example from UCL UCU here – please adapt as you wish, and let us know.

7. Donate to our legal campaign against the eviction.

7 Responses to Support Us

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  3. Catherine Mullenger says:

    I’m trying to create the ultimate positive video of the students protests and occupations can I use the photos from your protest and any videos if you have them?
    Please send them to my email

    Will post the finished video on youtube and will send it around as many universities as I can when its finished!

  4. Andy Strouthous says:

    Congratulations on occupying against these outrageous attacks on education and the welfare state. If this government gets its way education will be a privilege restricted to those most well off in our society. The less well off and poor will be excluded.

    Your stand is leading the fight back to keep education as a right for all, it will also inspire all those who are fighting the ConDem attack on all our public services.

    You have our full support in the fight against all cuts, and against any attempt to victimise protestors.

    Good luck with your occupation.

    Andy Strouthous
    Branch Secretary City and Islington UCU Camden Rd Branch

  5. anon says:

    I am in Year 8 at secondary school right now(i’m 12 yrs old), and my mum is working at UCL, so I kinda know about all the protests and stuff from her. I think it’s good what you are doing because it’s not violent but still got into the news, and the cuts aren’t even going to affect you; it’s going to affect people like me who are in secondary school, when we go to university. It also sounds quite fun camping out at UCL.
    I hope you aren’t missing out on the snow for this, because that would be really unfair and boring for you.
    So thanks for everything. Hopefully it will be successful.

  6. Helen says:

    Keep inspired
    Keep fighting
    Keep marching

    feeling hopeless?
    Read Bury The Chains: The British Struggle to Abolish Slavery (Hochschild)

  7. Rebecca Pillinger says:

    Solidarity from an alumna: I was at UCL 2000-2004 (maths). (So before the Jeremy Bentham Room was even the Jeremy Bentham Room!). I just wanted to say I really support what you’re doing and I hope you can avoid eviction until you manage to persuade UCL to come out against cuts and increased fees. I’m currently doing a PhD at Bristol; we’ve had some very energetic demonstrations but no occupation of the University (there was one of the Students’ Union). Let’s hope all this will persuade enough MPs to vote against next week!

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