Greek Embassy Protest

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Solidarity with Greek anti-cuts protesters!

In light of recent events in Greece where a peaceful act of protest by our fellow students was brutally surpressed by Greek riot police, there will be a flashmob outside the Greek embassy for 1PM Monday afternoon.

Last Thursday, one thousand Greek students, protesting government austerity plans, marched to the British embassy in Athens in solidarity with British students. On Moday we will gather outside the Greek embassy in a cheerful show of solidarity with them.

Map of the embassy here

Bring banners that show solidarity with the Greek students who were tear gassed – the more languages these banners are written in, the better – we will bring our own bearing Italian, English, Spanish, Portugese and Greek slogans.

As well as these banners we welcome your presence and a shared belief that this radical, new student movement is in the fight of it’s life, and it is a fight that we can all win!

This decisive week in London will itself begin with this act of solidarity at 1pm on Monday with our fellow Greek students who were tear gassed expressing solidarity with us.

We support all those fighting the cuts nationally and internationally!

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UCL Occupation Video

Please view and share!

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Open Mic Competition at the UCL Occupation at 9PM tonight!

Join us at the UCL Occupation for a night of extraordinary talent! Come along and show us what you’re worth! Everyone is welcome and all kinds of performances (from music to poetry, dance or drama…) are encouraged.

Surprise prizes are to be awarded to the best performances!

See you all there!

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Why we care about tax avoidance

Some people have been asking why the UCL occupation have been taking part in the UK Uncut campaign against tax avoiders.

Here’s why:

· In the middle of savage spending cuts, this government is indulging the rich, allowing wealthy corporations and individuals to avoid £25bn of tax a year. If this tax was reclaimed, it could pay for all of the services the government is planning to cut.

· The £285 million that Sir Philip Green avoided in personal tax could pay for 32,000 students to go to university. That the estimated £6bn of tax Vodafone has just been let off by the exchequer could have covered all of the cuts to higher education many times over.

· Before the election, tackling tax avoidance was one of the Lib Dems’ four key manifesto pledges, along with opposing any hike in tuition fees. This is a chance to kill two birds with one stone, and fulfil both promises.

· Instead of tackling tax dodging, the government have let Vodafone off the hook and appointed Sir Philip to advise the government on spending cuts. At the same time, they plan 13,000 job cuts at HMRC, making the agency toothless in the face of corporate tax avoidance.

The cuts are not necessary, we are not ‘all in this together’ and there is an alternative.If the government don’t make the tax avoiders pay,we will.

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UK Uncut Demonstration on Oxford Street

At 11am on Saturday 4 December, dozens of eager protesters piled into Topshop on Oxford St. There was a strong UCLOccupation contingent. We were joining UKuncut who are calling on corporate tax dodgers to pay their taxes and save our public services. After a successful protest at Vodafone a few weeks ago, today the target was Phillip Green, head of the Arcadia group of high street shops.

We began by sitting in Topshop. The police and security were rattled. They forcibly removed a few individuals. It was chaotic and frightening; but when they realised the size of the protest and the commitment of the participants, they gave up. We sat and chanted for about 30minutes, before we were informed that the police were planning on forcibly removing all of us unless we chose to leave peacefully. We decided to leave but were met with a huge protest at the front doors. There were around 200 protesters.

UK Uncut Demonstration 04/12/10
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Flashmob, today 11am Topshop on Oxford Street!

…and Topshops round the country, in protest at tax avoidance. See UKUncut for more!

Here’s a video from the last UKUncut protest:

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