Solidarity with Greek anti-cuts protesters!

In light of recent events in Greece where a peaceful act of protest by our fellow students was brutally surpressed by Greek riot police, there will be a flashmob outside the Greek embassy for 1PM Monday afternoon.

Last Thursday, one thousand Greek students, protesting government austerity plans, marched to the British embassy in Athens in solidarity with British students. On Moday we will gather outside the Greek embassy in a cheerful show of solidarity with them.

Map of the embassy here

Bring banners that show solidarity with the Greek students who were tear gassed – the more languages these banners are written in, the better – we will bring our own bearing Italian, English, Spanish, Portugese and Greek slogans.

As well as these banners we welcome your presence and a shared belief that this radical, new student movement is in the fight of it’s life, and it is a fight that we can all win!

This decisive week in London will itself begin with this act of solidarity at 1pm on Monday with our fellow Greek students who were tear gassed expressing solidarity with us.

We support all those fighting the cuts nationally and internationally!

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