Why we care about tax avoidance

Some people have been asking why the UCL occupation have been taking part in the UK Uncut campaign against tax avoiders.

Here’s why:

· In the middle of savage spending cuts, this government is indulging the rich, allowing wealthy corporations and individuals to avoid £25bn of tax a year. If this tax was reclaimed, it could pay for all of the services the government is planning to cut.

· The £285 million that Sir Philip Green avoided in personal tax could pay for 32,000 students to go to university. That the estimated £6bn of tax Vodafone has just been let off by the exchequer could have covered all of the cuts to higher education many times over.

· Before the election, tackling tax avoidance was one of the Lib Dems’ four key manifesto pledges, along with opposing any hike in tuition fees. This is a chance to kill two birds with one stone, and fulfil both promises.

· Instead of tackling tax dodging, the government have let Vodafone off the hook and appointed Sir Philip to advise the government on spending cuts. At the same time, they plan 13,000 job cuts at HMRC, making the agency toothless in the face of corporate tax avoidance.

The cuts are not necessary, we are not ‘all in this together’ and there is an alternative.If the government don’t make the tax avoiders pay,we will.

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2 Responses to Why we care about tax avoidance

  1. Danny says:

    Much love and respect to all of you!

    I’ve made a cheeky little video on this very topic that you might enjoy. It’s at http://vimeo.com/17295443 – put together with the excellent help of film-makers Zoe Broughton and Pete Speller. It includes footage from the Oxford occupation, cute graphics of tropical fish, a slightly daft hat and a rhyme for “Guernsey”. Check it out! Dx

  2. Another Danny says:

    Check out the PCS website. They have an alternative. The tax gap is around 120bn a year, yet jobs are being cut in HMRC. The PCS Union had a financial analyst come in and write a report, it can all be found on the PCS website.

    Perhaps getting someone in from their campaign to talk about tax avoidance would be beneficial for anyone doubting the validity of this form of protest.

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