The day the teenagers turned on Topshop

From Laurie Penny‘s blog at the New Statesman.

Oxford Street at Christmastime is a special hell, and the last Monday in November is no exception. Grim-faced shoppers mummified in winter coats shove their way down freezing pavements to do their duty to the market, while a panopticon of corporate-sponsored festive lights glares down from slate skies. With no warning, a hundred young protesters pour across the road holding banners and whistles. The children of Britain are leading the consuming classes to mutiny.

These young activists are the same students and school pupils who were kettled in central London on 24 November after demonstrating to protect higher education. They have not gone away. They come from the buses and the Underground, pouring out of the backstreets in twos and threes, chanting: “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts!” The target is the flagship store of Topshop, the global byword for successful British commerce, owned by Philip Green, billionaire and business adviser to the Prime Minister.

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5 Responses to The day the teenagers turned on Topshop

  1. ha says:

    You guys are idiots… I would love to count how many topshop clothing items are currently in the occupation. My flatmate is there for one – I know about half of his wardrobe is from topshop. What the fuck has topshop got to do with university fees anyway? twats

  2. Aerliss says:

    Wow, you absolutely missed the fact that the occupiers and protesters are fighting for far more than just the future of higher education, Ha, as well as the fact that massive tax dodgers like Green/Top Shop (amongst hundreds of others) are part of the reason that cuts are are so harsh.

    Clearly you’re as smart as your house mate. >_>

  3. ha says:

    at least I can rest easy in the knowledge that I’m clearly as smart as the rest of the occupation too

  4. Aerliss says:

    Only as smart as the lowest common denominator… better than nothing, I guess.

  5. Ehsan says:

    ha is clearly an idiot. The fact is that while living in an economy largely built on crony capitalism, sweatshop products as so on you often have no choice but to get mixed up with it.

    That aside, what is wrong with getting people to pay the tax they are trying to dodge when every day we are reminded how large the deficit is?

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