UCL management tries to secure eviction

It was reported in the Guardian today that UCL have sought an injunction to have us evicted, which they hope will be granted today.  If true, it strikes us as both heavy-handed and two-faced given we are still in negotiations with management and due to meet them today. Management have clearly been rattled by the influence we’re having on campus and in the media. We will, of course, be fighting any injunction every step of the way through the very generous help of our lawyers. D-day is the 9th of December when Parliament votes on the fees rise. We have a fighting fund set up to cover any legal costs incurred. We are calling on the unions and all those who support the right to education in this country to donate to it: you can donate money via paypal to uclanticuts@gmail.com .

More soon.

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5 Responses to UCL management tries to secure eviction

  1. Thanks for the updates.

    Have you thought of contacting Chomsky on the injunction – chomsky@mit.edu.
    He has considerable experience of attending peaceful ‘illegal’ protests/occupations – many of which turned violent because of heavy-handed police etc

    Instincts tell me all Chomsky would say is something like “It’s each person’s moral choice as to what they should do – no-one else’s. Have the moral courage to think for yourself, clearly, and act according to conscience – not fear.”

    That’s certainly what I would advise – but it will cost – for many dearly.

    Have you thought of having a Pete Seeger-styled concert ?

    Richard W. Symonds

  2. this is a despicable move (carefully chosen word there) by UCL management.
    Hang on in there and let’s build up a great fighting fund to stop them in their tracks.

    all power to your elbows

    Geoff Williams

  3. “We Shall Overcome” – Pete Seeger Concert – June 8 1963 – Carnegie Hall


  4. Polleetickle says:

    @ucloccupation facing trespass & eviction charges by bailiffs. Any advice? #demo2010

    << call @aaronporter



  5. pissed off says:

    time for some serious research on college procedure for getting rid of provost Malcolm Grant.

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