Our calendar

Here’s our calendar, with all our events on it. Subject to change due to the anarchic nature of our little assembly, but here you go.

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4 Responses to Our calendar

  1. Steve says:

    The youth of today…. I’m so fuckin’ proud of you!

  2. Yasmyn says:

    I’ve just seen that you’ve made the BBC News website this evening!

    Amazing work – stick at it!!!! x

    (UCL staff member)

  3. Mother says:

    As the mum of a 15 year old, I’d like to join the protests before the Parliament vote of next week, there’s nothing showing in your calendar just yet; do you know is there another National Day of Protest scheduled? Many thanks and first class on your occupation!

  4. Tony Brown says:

    Could you put a prominent link to the calendar on your home page somewhere? Or continue to put a text version up at the beginning of each day?

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