Support from Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone has sent us this message of support!

David Cameron has achieved what even Margaret Thatcher could not, turning an entire generation against his government in months.

This new anti-Tory generation is showing the way by peacefully demonstrating in huge numbers, with great imagination and with commitment to fairer society. Occupations like those we are now seeing, uniting students and staff against the government’s plans to squeeze the bank balances of students and cut education deserve our support.

We need a dynamic modern economy – which means we need an educated and skilled workforce. The whole of society benefits from that objective. Forcing students to pay through the nose, and cutting education funding, is a backward step.

The situation facing our national finances was not caused by public spending or by young people and students. It was caused by the crisis of the banking system. The Tories claim that everything must be governed by the drive to pay down the deficit but have no problem with imposing a massive personal deficit on students. You cannot claim your economic policies are aimed at looking after future generations if the effect is to burden them with debt.

The Tory-led government wants to make students pay. Students should make the Tory party pay every time they put themselves forward for election.

London has the biggest student population in the country, and any policy that forces students to pay more will have a bigger impact in a city where the cost of living is so much higher. So by standing up against these grotesque and unfair fees hikes today’s students are standing up for future generations of Londoners as well as their own.

It should act as an inspiration for all those who care about a fairer society that students and young people are taking non-violent protest out onto the streets and into the campuses of our higher education institutions.

Good luck – you have my full support in your campaign to stop this attack on the quality of life and the quality of education in this country and this city.

Ken Livingstone

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2 Responses to Support from Ken Livingstone

  1. Lucas says:

    How can ANYONE be proud of having a man such as Ken Livingstone support them?! This is the man who used the backing of the working man’s party for years to push his own agenda as Mayor of London, not forgetting his absolute disregard for the workers of the GLC almost 30 years ago.
    The man is a disgrace and a hypocrite.

    Also, why is everyone so obsessed with the Tories?! I, as a lib dem voter, feel far more cheated by Clegg’s involvement in all this. At least Cameron’s government were upfront about their education policies in their original manifesto’s, whereas Clegg’s campaign championed free education.
    I feel cheated.

    Our economic climate is unsustainable due to the Labour governments absolute disregard for resource management, for their determination to get everyone into education (even though many did not want to go for the educational purpose) and the dissolution of polytechnics in favour of universities which get a further slice of the education budget.

    This is not a Tory problem, this is a problem caused by a successive wave of apathetic voting for Labour.

    Yes, our provost should speak out and offer more support for students.
    Yes, he should pledge to cap tuition fees within UCL and across all universities to allow for equal opportunities of all classes.

    I agree with this, but the occupation has only served to disrupt the lives of your fellow students and, despite you having the right to protest and put your thoughts across, it seems as though many are unaware of what you are fighting for. You have become an incoherent mob and brought shame upon the valiant course which you seek to ‘defend’.

    So go. Occupy your room. Occupy your chair. Occupy your thoughts.
    Hopefully common sense will occupy you eventually and you will discard this pointless action.


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