Oxford Street Topshop protest (Video)

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8 Responses to Oxford Street Topshop protest (Video)

  1. Lady Stum says:

    I can’t get out and protest due to ill health. I’m so impressed and heartened by your protest. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the cause. Keep it up folks, you have the Lie-Dems rattled.

  2. angus brown says:

    the unity of demo’s is paramount, the wikieleaks information plus the latest revelations in corruption in football means that corruption and hypocracy lie inherant as part of the capitalist system, this means we must protest everywhere that we can, whetheer it be in our schools, colleges and uni’s, whether it be in our workplaces, whether it be over nuclear power, or trident, whether it be over the continuing occupation, of afghanistan, of iraq, northern ireland , cypruss, or elsewhwere where our “brave soldiers” are based -whether it be a bout democracy, in iran, or china, or north korea, or cuba, or indeed britain and the us of A, whether it be a bout floods in pakistan , or rubbish tips in lagos, or earthquakes in haiti. We have to fight back hard, that means occupations of banks and building societies, it means occupations, of town halls, and council offices, it means occupations of our, workplaces and supermarkets, comrades , brothers and sisters, the capitalist class has declared war on us all, so it is time for us to fight back in the only war worth fighting, that is the class war! but lets make it a fight that we can win , whether we are black, white , gay or straight, fat, thin, short or tall, able bodied or disabled, we have got to unite the fight together, since unity is our greatest strength, we have to take the fight to the capitalist class, and tell them , “we are not going to pay for this crisis! it was the bankers and their friends in govt, who are responsible for this mess, the greeedy fat cat pigdog, capitalist scum are to blame- and it is time to make them pay. lets make the fightback that they recieve make the anti poll tax demos, and the fight in’68 look like nothing so much asa picnic on a beach! comrades the time has come for us to rise up and fight to get rid of this rotten system once and for all ! it is time for us to call for a general strike, that hopefully, will lead to a continued fight back that will lead to the smashing of capitalism and replacing it with a far more , just and democratic society, where one is not judged by the colour of their skin , nor, by the sexual orientation, religion or whatever tool the ruling class use to devide us, and to replace it with a redistribution of wealth,and with workers democracy in a permanent revolution, COMRADES LET US RISE!

    • MightySlug says:

      I’m with you Bro – please can we include Electrosensitives whose health has been demolished by the Capitalist Greed of Telecoms Corporations pulsing us with overload of Microwave Radiation. Ready for the Revolution!

  3. Aidan says:

    big up the students!

  4. A SOAS Librarian says:

    Great stuff, I’m very grateful and no doubt many others are too!

  5. MightySlug says:

    Fantastic!! Next – please look to Vodaphone – they have screwed 8 billion pounds from this country in taxes. George Osbourne has let them off meanwhile the tax goes out of the country. If this isn’t enough most young people have a mobile phone and pay TAX to buy this, TAX to use this and are being swindled out of their health and use of their brain – see the REFLEX studies – see the pictures of how a mobile phone signal has the same effect of a gamma ray! BioInitiative Report, ECOLOG studies. They have fooled the World! the Devices you are using are harming your brain but the Mobile Phone co’s are making too much money, the GovernCorps are lying, playing with semantics and policies because they want your money. Imagine what this country could do with 8 billion – all in the hands of Vodaphone let along all the other Mobile Phone companies. But please research the health effects and take care of your mind.
    United We Stand
    The Slugx

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  7. Alice says:

    Who was the main speaker at the protest? Very convincing! Well done.

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