JRB DAY SIX TIMETABLE. Check it out, and come along!

Monday 29th November 2010. All events in the Jeremy Bentham Room, Wilkins Building, next to main Library


10am National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts PRESS CONFERENCE

11am ‘The central role of the built environment in generating the current crisis. London planning as class struggle’ talk, Michael Edwards, The Bartlett School, UCL

12 noon: Emotional and Affective Labour talk, Nina Power

Lunch Hour Lectures 1: Browne review and radical change to higher education
Alison Assiter, Professor of Feminist Theory at University of West of England (UWE), Bristol

MODERN LANGUAGE STUDENTS CALL OUT! Autonomous organising! The more the merrier! JBR Activities Room

2pm Lunch Hour Lectures 2: Commission for fees
Professor David Colquhoun (UCL Pharmacology) and Dr. Michael Collins (UCL lecturer in 20th century history)

3pm People and Planet Campaign communications on campus workshop

4pm TSSA talk, Gerry Doherty General Secretary

4.30pm Protest and Media workshop, Suzanne Moore, The Guardian


Immigration and Feminism talk, Feminist Fightback

SCHOOLS OUTREACH: Occupation Briefing! Tell all the people you may know at school and college! JBR Activities Room

8.30pm Folk music unplugged, Chris T-T, singer songwriter from Brighton

9.30pm Iranian music group

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1 Response to JRB DAY SIX TIMETABLE. Check it out, and come along!

  1. The Socialist Health Association sends our support to the UCL Occupation and your resistance to the Coalition Government’s programme of fee rises and cuts in university education. We’d like to request that through your programme of direct action, you also raise awareness of the cut to the Educational Maintenance Allowance, which will make higher education for the poorest young people impossible.

    We welcome the Student Union’s demands for a full living wage and job security for cleaning, catering and security staff and your messages of support for the RMT and TSSA strikes to protect a safe transport system in London. We are inspired by the University of Strategic Optimism’s creative action to expose the Coalition’s agenda for privatising education and encouraged by the solidarity that students are expressing with wider struggles for social justice.

    We wish the UCL Occupation every success.

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