Chalk and Rope

Students in the UCL occupation awoke this morning to some inspiring sights.




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30 Responses to Chalk and Rope

  1. UCL says:

    It’s chalk. It washes off with water.

  2. UCL anon anon says:

    if you are going to delete half the comments from the blog how about you just close comments completely. why give the impression of openness when you are censoring those comments not wholly supportive.

  3. UCLler says:

    Censored comments? Quite the spirit of openness. Come on, get a grip – do this thing properly if you’re going to do it. You don’t need to do permanent damage. Ever heard of Silly string? Fake money?

  4. UCL 3rd year student. says:

    I was fully supportive of the occupation, despite considering myself a conservative. The chalking of the buildings however, seems like a real shame, there are other ways of getting noticed, and i suspect many like me will be disappointed that a protest which seemed so well thought out and organised has degraded itself by an infantile aggressive gesture. I feel very sorry for the poor maintenance workers out there in the freezing cold spending hours trying to clean it all off.

  5. Peace says:

    Great work guys, keep it up! The whole of London should be covered in concious art!

  6. Ampledin says:

    This kind of action, unfortunately, unleashes behaviour that is not under the control, nor within the aims of, the occupation. Evidence: someone had drawn a large green chalked phallus amongst the other chalk graffitti on the wall of the history department (back of Gordon square buildings, on campus).

    The seriousness and urgency of this protest is demeaned by that kind of action, and that kind of action is invited by the chalking campaign generally. Lack of respect for the very university, and its walls, breeds lack of respect for the aims of the protest.

    Time to reconsider tactics.

  7. UCL 1st year student says:

    It’s on the fringes of what’s considered acceptable by the majority that the message of resistance thrives. Drop-down banners, robots, and chalked messages in the quad are a bold, unapologetic statement against the cuts to education and (potential) trebling of fees. It will divide people, and it will annoy some, but it will inspire many. Most of all it will alert everyone to how serious this is.

  8. UCL anonanonanon says:

    It looks horrible and trashy, why make it unpleasant for the rest of us? I don’t mind if you want to carry on with your little occupation but please rememeber that you are in the minority and don’t try to destroy or take over things that are supposed to be for the use of everyone. You’re not helping your cause, you’re just making yourselves look stupid.

    It’s quite frankly embarassing and I’m ashamed that people might associate UCL with this kind of behaviour

  9. itellsya says:

    i think it’s obvious the intention was NOT to deface the ‘listed building’ hence the chalk and not permanent marker… a lesson learned by all perhaps? however a bit of chalk compared to a definite corrupted future, i know who i support.
    It’s all a learning curve guys, the country!

  10. brr says:

    No, sorry, but it was not inspiring at all. It looked crap, the slogans were cliched and feeble, and it not only marred the buildings but surely the reputation of the movement in the eyes of some (not to mention the cleaners, the lives of whom the movement is aiming to improve.)

    Here’s the thing though, you stand up, keep your chins up, go and wash it off, and then regroup. You’re creative, vibrant, intelligent people and you can do better than playing into this ’68 style slogan shit, that movement was flawed and is long dead, this is now and it’s very much alive! If you want the romance of protest, there are a million beautiful and original ways to make your message! Sure, mistakes will be made in the heat of the moment and it’s no big deal if you don’t treat it as such, just clean up the mess, and get back to the brilliant, thoughtful work you’ve been doing…

    As ever, solidarity.

  11. Ignore the naysayers here. You need more publicity. Chalk is not vandalising – it’s done every year come studdent election time.

    However, it does seem to have evoked a negative reaction. One thing i have learned from talking to people is that they think leafleting needs to be massively increased. Not just around UCL itself, but aroumd the surround areas in London.

  12. Anon says:

    You disgust me. How dare you feel that you have the right to vandalise historic buildings in the name of a ridiculously unjust protest. I imagine that most of you protesters haven’t even read the Browne Review, and this is demonstrated by your clear lack of knowledge. Only graduates will pay, and they will pay a percentage of their fees back based on their earnings. How is this not ‘fair and progressive’? You all need to pipe down and get back to work, this whole thing is disgraceful, sensationalist, and pathetic.

    • UCL anon anon says:

      The staff who work in the buildings are only disappointed that the chalk scribbled was not as intelligent, creative and thought out as the rest of the occupation. Nothing more than a regrettable mistake in a great champaign to protect education against marketisation – for the benefit of future generations.

      UCU members support the demands of our students.

  13. ucl student says:

    I agree with the person who pointed out that this wasn’t an inspiring sight. Even I, who totally agree with your views, thought that what had been done was just childish. Why not try to involve all the students of UCL by being positive and constructive in the protest? Don’t just scrawl on our stuff.

  14. 4th Year UCL says:

    Why, why did you do this. It just looks.. awful. I signed the petition, but now wish I hadn’t.

  15. ucl@ucl.ucl says:

    ucl occupation
    shame on you
    shame on you for turning the uni into chalk

  16. UCL Geologist says:

    This is not inspiring. It’s shameful. It will not be possible to get the chalk off without damaging the limestone. Well done guys – damaging a listed building belonging to the university who’re supporting you through your education. It’s not their fault the government are doing this – did you ever stop to think about that? Exactly what are they supposed to do in this situation? They either put fees up, or they can’t afford to provide people with the brilliant education that they currently provide. I hope those of you who scribbled your trite little messages on this historic building feel big and clever – because you certainly don’t look it.

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