UCU Higher Education Special Conference Emergency Motion

The UCU Higher Education Special Conference (HESC) held on Thursday 25 Nov passed an emergency motion in support of student occupations & protests in defence of education. The motion was carried unanimously.

Emergency Motion for Special HE Sector Conference

Conference congratulates and celebrates the magnificent occupations, rallies, marches and other protests by students, school students and staff yesterday. They are an inspiration not just to us in the UCU but to the whole of the trade union movement.

Conference resolves that the NEC should now build on the platform that has been provided by 10th and 24th November demonstrations by organising a national mobilisation for a London demonstration and lobby of Parliament on the day that the fee rises are debated. It resolves to urge branches to support, however possible, the protests of staff and the walkouts of students on that day, and next Tuesday, 30th November.

Conference suggests that NEC decide that UCU approach the NUS and all the public sector unions to seek a joint mobilisation on that day.

Conference demands that the TUC organise regional demonstrations in the three months between now and the TUC national demonstration in March.

Proposed: Tom Hickey (Brighton)
Seconded: Jim Wolfreys (Kings)

Carried unanimously.

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