Solidarity from Islington anti-cuts

UCL occupation has had a message of support from Islington’s anti-cuts campaign. They said:

Solidarity Greetings from Islington Hands off our Public Services, to students in Occupation at University College London. The demands from student and teachers against the cuts at theuniversity and the huge increase in Tuition fees means that you are all making a principled stand for the future of Further Education open for all.
It is clear the Government are ideologically driven to roll back the state,cutting services and putting up Huge student fees,  is amongst one agenda of many that this Con Dem Government (without any mandate from the people) are planning.They wish to rip up all we gained in a post war Britain. There allies are the “vultures waiting perched on a tree branch”,to cheery pick services in a privatisation bonanza…….
But history gives us lessons of Resistance…..You are occupying in the same way as students did  against Vietnam, Trade unionist have a record of sit ins at their work places, as well as strike action, there is a history of Rent strikes including a successful rent strike at Holborn & St Pancras 50 years ago..
Keep up the spirits, Keep on Keeping on, Solidarity both from Islington Hands Off  Our Public services , and Islington Trades Union Council
Mick Gilgunn & Paul Brandon
Joint secretary I-Hoops
And on behalf of Islington Trades Union Council
President Gary Heather
Secretary MGilgunn

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1 Response to Solidarity from Islington anti-cuts

  1. When are you going to truly question the whole institution for what it is ?

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