Community Outreach

We’ve been working on reaching out to members of the immediate community around UCL today, including schools and workers. A few of us went out to give flyers to schools around the area inviting school kids to come and down to check out the occupation, about the various speakers, workshops and debates going on (as well as the musical acts we’ve got planned for this weekend – more on that later, suffice to say it would probably be more attractive to school kids than a few voluntary lectures).

It wasn’t very successful today, not out of any lack of support from the kids, but mainly because it was a very spontaneous thing going down to these schools and we weren’t able to get through the bureaucratic shield of teachers and administration, despite some very sympathetic reactions from members of both those groups. Hopefully over the weekend we’ll be able to sort this out and get it happening on Monday.

As I’m writing this actually a student from Latymer College has just come up on the mic to tell us how we as a movement are giving him and his fellow students who are coming down to speak to us direction on how to vent their own frustration. So not a wasted day!

We also today sent a delegation at John Page’s invitation to a TSSA tube Worker’s Union committee meeting at their headquarters across the road to build wider links among organisations against austerity cuts. The whole meeting was very positive, and we’re hoping to send some of us to show support, probably with tea and biccies, on their strikes Sunday and Monday. It’s understood between everyone that the only way to fight the government ideological attack on the welfare state is through solidarity between all groups rendered victims to it.

Must go, Jeremy Corbyn’s talking.

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2 Responses to Community Outreach

  1. Ash says:

    Still want me to promote it to year 10s at the saturday school i work at (if i’m given permission)?
    They wont join us in the protest I might be able to get them to register an interest (/disgust at the fees hike) and let them see an example of protest in action.

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