A Leaflet From Today

Copies going out around campus:

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5 Responses to A Leaflet From Today

  1. Phantajisto says:

    Aha, very cunning of the UCL high level managers… seems they aren’t just going to sit back and let you criticise the managerial agenda. They do have their careers to think about after all.

    • Frank Cencher says:

      Hang on, sure this is satire, not real. I hope Phantajisto doesn’t really think that was genuinely from the management?

  2. David Gerard says:

    Heh. A compulsory “Introduction to Business and Management” module strikes me as an excellent idea for anyone who expects to work for a living. Certainly wish I’d had that studying engineering.

  3. Pedro says:

    wtf is dis real?

  4. someoneorother says:

    Bloody brilliant!

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