UCL Occupation challenges Michael Gove

Apparently Michael Gove responds to debate.

So we’ve challenged him to one.

The UCL Occupation sent the following to Michael Gove this afternoon:

Dear Mr Gove,

You may be aware that as of 12.15pm on Wednesday 24th November, students have been
occupying the Jeremy Bentham Room at University College London.

Since first entering the room, we have maintained a peaceful and respectful occupation. We have received widespread support from students, staff and unions including UCU. We warmly welcome debate from across the political spectrum.

The same afternoon you told Sky News that ‘I respond to arguments, I don’t respond to violence’.

In light of your comments to Sky News, we would like to invite you to both present your arguments and hear our views in an open and inclusive discussion.

We look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

UCL Occupation

Watch this space…

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1 Response to UCL Occupation challenges Michael Gove

  1. Michael Gove is a prominent member of the Henry Jackson Society – the UK counterpart to the US Neo-Con PNAC – with Richard Perle & James Woolsey as other prominent members. Ask Gove about his affiliation to this war-mongering “think-tank”, and watch his face…

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