UCL occupation demands

We demand that UCL:
  • Issue a statement condemning all cuts to higher education and the rise in tuition fees.
  • Implement a complete open books policy with regards to existing budget constraints.
  • Ensure no redundancies for teaching, research or support staff.
  • Reverse its outsourcing policy by bringing staff back in-house
  • Implement the full living wage package for all cleaning, catering and security staff with no cuts to hours and jobs.
  • Ensure no victimisation or repercussions for anyone participating in the occupation.
  • Allow free access in and out of the occupation.
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5 Responses to UCL occupation demands

  1. suicideally says:

    Solidarity from the #savemdxphil campaign! This is an excellent list of demands.

  2. Jeremy Bentham (deceased) says:

    “Ensure no redundancies for teaching, research or support staff”

    Does this include admin staff?

  3. DTK says:

    Spread the fightback. Keep fighting! Good luck!

  4. uclstaff1001 says:

    Absolutely support you in your protest against higher tuition fees and government cuts!
    However, your demands address two other unrelated issues:
    Living wage for cleaning staff – also a worthy cause but not related to government proposals. I would support a protest on this issue as well!
    UCL redundancies and outsourcing – this may be a result of cuts so you should target the cause not the effect, or it may just be a result of a large organisation making sure it is not spending more than it needs to in delivering its services (education and research) which is a necessary part of running a large institution responsibly and not related to your cause. Whether redundancies are necessary in this context is another question. It’s good to see you supporting staff but I hope it doesn’t muddy the message to government.

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