UCL is in occupation

UCL students have gone into occupation this afternoon in protest.

Please come back for regular updates – and send this blog around. We will publishing our demands as soon as possible.

Please send us messages of support: ucloccupation@gmail.com

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2 Responses to UCL is in occupation

  1. Lindsay says:

    Why are students being asked to foot the bill for higher education? Why can’t the business sector, which takes thousands of new graduates every year thank you very much, be asked to cough up? An annual levy on the top 500 UK companies would be a start – but presumably then they’d all stop funding the Tory party, wouldn’t they? Multi-millionaires for whom £9,000 a year is the kind of money you find down the back of the sofa should not be running the country – they have no idea how these changes will affect ordinary people, and clearly do not care. I am proud of all the marchers today – they are fighting for my kids’ right to go to university alongside the offspring of the Obsornes, Cleggs and Camerons of this world.

  2. DTK says:

    Good luck! Free education for all! Equality of opportunity for all!!

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